Dine With Pride is the first citywide dining event to unite Seattle’s LGBT community around the table in Pride.

The LGBT community pulls out all the stops to share our pride in a month-long, city-wide celebration each June, culminating with the Seattle Pride Parade on June 25.

Last year, Seattle Pride, the non-profit, volunteer-run organization that has produced the Seattle Pride Parade for over 40 years, presented the first-ever DINE WITH PRIDE — to carry our message of pride from the streets of downtown to the neighborhoods we call home.

The premise is simple. Each restaurant is asked to put a $15, $25, or $35 special offer on the menu in June in recognition of LGBT Pride. It’s an open invitation to the LGBT community to celebrate Pride in their own backyard. Additionally, Dine With Pride presents a simple and effective way to expand the Seattle Pride message to the general public to strengthen awareness of Pride among all Seattle residents.

For participating restaurants, it’s a great way to get involved – and the perfect opportunity to share appreciation with the LGBT community for their continued patronage throughout the year. More importantly, our featured restaurants are proud to demonstrate their LGBT support to neighbors, customers and business owners in their community. The commitment doesn’t end there. Each Dine With Pride restaurant makes a generous donation benefiting the Seattle Pride Parade.

The true success of Dine With Pride is fueled by the support of all who participate. Together we’ll reinforce the message of equality and unity and share our gratitude with those who have helped us to get where we are today.